All the necessary goods  for the burial and the cremation.

Of the many different, we will help you choose the most suitable cross coffin or urn. Also, we take care and shrouds – have a particularly wide range of dresses, suits, shoes and accessories range.



Various models of coffins – from the cheapest to the most expensive made from the oak.


Clothes and other goods

A wide selection of clothing – dresses, suits, shoes, shawls – different styles & colours. We have a wide range of dresses. Each of them is unique, you can choose from many different colors and patterns. The dresses will suggest that coordinates footwear and matching accessories.



Various models of wooden and ceramic urns. Urn – it is a vessel designed to hold the remains of cremation ashes. We suggest you to choose the most pleasing of the individually decorated stone, metal or wooden urns.



In our ritual store will be able to choose the most suitable cross for burial. You can choose from a cross made of oak or pine, and the Catholic, Orthodox models (there is not all the coffins photos in our web side, we have more wide choise in the outlet).