Cremation service

Call our company at any time and get detailed information about cremation procedures, duration and prices.
Ligamis funeral services centre has cooperation contracts with Kedainiai crematoria in Lithuania and with crematoriums in Poland. This makes it possible for us to provide high quality service in less than 24 hours.

You can sign a contract for cremation services by completing an application form for cremation of remains, upon arrival to our office, or, at your request, our agent can come to you. Required documents: death certificate of the person whose remains will be cremated, and his identity document (passport or identity card).

After order confirmation we will come to collect the deceased and sign the permit for cremation. Depending on the customer’s choice, the deceased can be prepared for mortuary, clothed and laid before cremation in the selected location or cremated before funeral service.


Cremation service is provided in all the Lithuania.

Contact us anytime about the cremation or funeral service and we will help you with any your request.

About cremation:

Cremation is a usual burial method in the world, now gaining popularity in Lithuania, too. This is one of the ecological, most hygienic and least wasteful methods of burial requiring leased space.

The deceased, as it is used in Lithuania, may be laid out, and escorted to the crematorium after farewell. They urn with ashes can be buried in the grave or kept in a columbarium.

Transportation of deceased remains to the crematorium, cremation, delivery back ashes and honouring the deceased does not take longer than a usual funeral, and people grieving from the loss do not face any bureaucratic barriers. Handling all necessary documents, transportation of remains, cremation and delivery of ashes back is the concern and responsibility of “Vilniaus Laidojimo Namai” burial service centre.