Member of FIAT-IFTA

Ligamis became the member of the international organization of funeral companies FIAT-IFTA.

In March 2016 UAB Ligamis began to cooperate with the International organization of funeral operatives FIAT-IFTA. According to the commercial director of UAB Ligamis Bronislavas Polonskis, the organizations are going to cooperate in various fields:

  • To jointly study legal, moral, social and issues relating to thanatological activities, especially with regard to services rendered in memorialization and disposition of deceased individuals;
  • To promote international understanding and goodwill among the world’s funeral service professionals and to achieve uniformed standards, rules, regulations and treaties for the cost efficient international repatriation of deceased individuals;
  • To encourage and develop education in the field of embalming (thanatopraxy) throughout the world and achieve uniform standards and regulations in respect of embalming;
  • To increase the level of the professional knowledge of funeral service practitioners by assembling and disseminating to those in the profession publications, articles, and other works related to thanatological issues;
  • To safeguard the global funeral heritage in joint effort with other organizations and to create awareness in governments and international bodies;
  • To provide due respect and deference to the autonomy of national organisations and to avoid any interference in all matters pertaining to laws, regulations, customs and manners of individual nations;
  • To promote and represent the funeral industry wherever asked or required;
  • Share best practices of funeral services, cremation and international transportation of the deceased (repatriation of mortal remains).

“We are pleased to start cooperation with this association because it provides us more opportunities to raise the standard of funeral services in Lithuania, to take part in activities of this organization, to attend their training courses and world-class exhibitions of burial services. All of this offers more knowledge and information about global trends in funeral services. We look forward that other Lithuania funeral service companies follow our model and join the initiative to raise the quality of services, to educate the public about the latest innovations in the field, and together participate in the activities of the Association,” said B. Polonskis. “We make all these steps in order to raise the standards of funeral services and encourage the professional development in this field”, said the commercial director of Ligamis Bronislavas Polonskis.

The global organisation of funeral service providers FIAT-IFTA currently brings together more than half a thousand companies from more than 67 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa, South and North American continents.

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