Cremation service
in Lithuania

We are able to provide all the type cremation & funeral services in Lithuania. Contact us anytime about the cremation or funeral service in Lithuania and we will help you with any your request. More detailed information…

Worldwide Repatriation & Cremation Services

The fastest way to get accurate information and expert assistance is to contact the company that provides the services of remains repatriation from/to foreign countries and cremation service in any country of the world. More information…


You can find here all the needed funeral goods: a wide selection of the coffins, clothing – dresses, suits, shoes, shawls – different styles & colours. More information…

Funeral service
in Lithuania

In the mournful hour of separation one has to think where to go for help, escorting to the last travel your close one or friend, because the funeral is a special moment of farewell to the deceased.

We are ready to help you any time of a day at the moment loss of the close one.
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Ligamis Funeral & Cremation services centre (Funeral Director)

Company highlights

  • 8 years of work experience – professional suppliers and organization of work allows to provide high-quality and fast service at an optimal price.
  • We have all the necessary hygienic passports (morgue, embalming, funeral service), license for the repatriations.
  • We are a socially responsible company – more than half of our employees have a disability or limited working capacity;
  • Representative offices in London, the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg enable to urgently deal with all matters related to the transportation of mortal remains in Western Europe and Eastern countries;
  • The member of the international organization of funeral companies FIAT-IFTA.


  • Cremation take place within 24 hours or even less.
  • Basic cremation price is only 695€.
  • We cooperate with the crematorium Kedainiai Lithuania and crematoriums in Poland.
  • We provide consultation on all the questions of the cremation.
  • Cremation is always organized only according to customers’ expressed wishes.

Worldwide Repatriation & Cremation Services

  • Huge experience in & knowledge base of various countries requirements for the Repatriation & Cremation Services.
  • We cooperate with the international Association for the deceaded repatriations, so that allow us to provide fast and efficient services even in exotic countries.
  • We have established a subsidiary in London, UK.
  • The company always has 3 completed and ready car crews working throughout Europe and the Middle East countries.
  • We cooperate with the insurance companies.
  • We advise and assist to get the municipal allowance.
  • We provide advice 24 hours a day for any repatriation question.